Although brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable, this is not a reference to those little green jewels (which don’t come from Brussels, interestingly enough), instead I’m referring to the airport.  Leaving Sierra Leone behind, in a combination of planes, boats and automobiles, Alastair and I were suspended in the Brussels airport while we waited for our connecting flight to London.

At 5:30 in the morning, after a stretch, I was mostly interested in finding pan au chocolate and café au lait :)

I’ve never spent time in the city of Brussels, but the airport is filled with Belgian treats.  The shops are lined with waffles, chocolates and oodles of good-looking stuff, so we took the opportunity to buy a couple of gifts for our families.

Hours upon hours later, we’ve made it to London!  Hooray!

Driving on the  roads here feels like floating on a cloud after a few weeks in Freetown :)

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