Poda Poda.

Local people get around Freetown either on foot, on the back of an okada (Krio for motorbike), in a taxi car, or by poda poda (Krio name for minbus). The poda poda is an experience I wouldn’t mind living without. These minibuses are fairly beaten up and so stuffed full of people and items that it looks like a clown car. People of all ages, with any manner of item and sometimes even animals, arrange themselves to a new definition of maximum capacity. Heads and limbs actually hang out of doors or windows of these vehicles.

In all of the chaos of Freetown, it is interesting that you will regularly see an orderly line of patient individuals waiting to be crammed in a poda poda.


Maybe I should ride in one…just once.



One thought on “Poda Poda.

  1. Hehe.. reminds me of my home town.. Looks like no matter where you are.. the limbs flinging out of doors is not such uncommon after all .. :D
    and yeah.. people here have lines to cram into local trams

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