In A Pig’s Eye.

I wouldn’t want you to think that Apple spent all of Valentine’s Day in the slammer.

On the contrary, we took her for a nice long walk in the evening and Alastair even dolled her up with a bow.

What a pretty girl.

Apple had a completely different interpretation of what it means to be a ‘pretty girl.’  Hers involved rolling in the mud, on one side…

then the other.

That’s a pig for you.  Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but she was put in her pen after that :)

Unable to top a bow-wearing, mud-rolling pig, the second highlight of the evening was the German Chocolate Cake…

which is not at all German.  This is an American confection for those less familiar, but still delicious.  My favorite as a child, this cake was a labor of love and a special treat for Valentine’s Day.  Miraculously, given the ingredient substitutions, faulty kitchen equipment, and oven without temperature gauge, this turned out to be the best cake I’ve had in years.

Now that’s a thing of beauty ;)


2 thoughts on “In A Pig’s Eye.

  1. Yummy Looking Cake!
    I will start sending you pics of my saute’ pan creations as I’m
    not much of a baker.
    Give Apple a scrach for me.
    Ma Bell

  2. Yes, thats a fine looking cake isn’t it Bette ?
    Wish my cakes looked as good as that !!
    Did I say how we enjoyed our christmas biscuits -obviously runs in the family ? ( trust you’re planning your UK trip Bette ? )

    Bertie is very jealous that he didn’t have a bow like apple’s!!!
    much love

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