Shy Beef.

Apple, the pig, could take some lessons from Artie in the mastery of escape

Artie, the pangolin has escaped.  Alastair and I had hoped to return him to a safe area in the forest where he would thrive and not be killed for meat.  The people here call this animal a “shy beef.”  Almost all kinds of bush meat are referred to as beef, but this one is shy-beef because it hides its face :)  Nevertheless, Artie wasn’t sticking around any longer than he had to and dug himself out from under the container we had over him at night.

The day before he escaped I managed to catch him on video climbing out of the container.  It was fantastic to see him moving around and how dextrous he is with his strong tail for balance.  These moves are straight out of a James Bond film.

We’ll miss our little artichoke-like animal but hope he’s safe in the bush :)


4 thoughts on “Shy Beef.

  1. what a fascinating creature – lets hope he’s found somewhere safe to escape to.
    Good harmatten and village photos as well.
    I do Danesfield assembly tomorrow saying thank you for all the things delivered to your little school.

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