The camp is expanding, which means the fence is extending out further to allow for more room to build, but also to control access to the road going up into the hills.

Alastair reckons, once completed, the fence will delineate a circumference of over 600 meters, or 4/10 of a mile.  It doesn’t appear to be that long to my naked eye but I’ll take his word for it.  I have big plans for this new fence, though.  Looking closely you can see the posts markers and the village beyond in the distance.

Exercise, in Sierra Leone, has me limited to doing circuit workouts in my bedroom with one dumbbell weight and an exercise mat (thanks Ruth).  Despite my best efforts, this can get extremely monotonous.  Running or walking isn’t much of an option because there aren’t any areas that provide a safe path.  I’ve decided I want to mow down a trail around the outside of the new fence, essentially giving me a crude but functional track to run around.  This may not sound exciting to people living in the developed world but I’m over the moon about the idea because it gives me a little variety in my cardio workout.   I mean, I don’t want anything else to start expanding!


One thought on “Expansion.

  1. Hi Kristina, knowing your situation, may I suggest a few things for you to spice up your workouts:

    Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees can all be done in between your circuit exercises, starting with :20-30s and working up to 2-3min. When you get your “track” completed, doing intervals is short, sweet, and to the point, also very effective in burning calories in a short amount of time. Jog the first lap, tempo run the second lap, back to jogging the next lap, etc etc. Adjust the distances as needed.

    Have fun! Hope all is well in Africa;)


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