Cotton Pickin’.

Not long ago, sometime last year, Alastair planted a cotton tree (well, cotton bush really) in the garden in camp.  This thing is grew as if it had magic dust sprinkled on it.

Or maybe that’s just how fast cotton grows.

Now we have heaps of perfect little white puffs.

I started having fantasies of transforming these lovely pillows that Alastair had planted and I had picked into an actual piece of clothing.  There is a little bit of a process between the cotton and the cloth, however.

There are seeds hidden in the balls of cotton that have to be pulled out by hand (since I don’t have a machine to do it for me).  The fibers need to be carded or combed (with a comb that I don’t have) and spun to make a thread or yarn (with a hand spindle that I need to manufacture somehow). Not to mention, it would be my first time doing any of these things so I imagine there’s a bit of a learning curve I’d have to compete with.

And, this is just to get the thread.  Then I need to figure out how turn the thread into cloth.  Perhaps I’ll commission my sister, Lana, for this part…she can knit :)

At the moment, I’m just having fun picking the stuff!


6 thoughts on “Cotton Pickin’.

  1. A real pangolin – amazing !
    Now which is best Egyptian, American or Nimini cotton ?
    Does anyone in the village know what to do with it ? Nimini towels, Sheets or even a handkerchief ?

  2. Finally, at long last i have found out how to reply !!

    Never heard of a Pangolin before ! Hope you find a safe home for it !?

    The cotton bush has certainly posed a challenge for you. We shall

    certainly watch this space.

    Love to you both


  3. Margery! So glad you got through! Thanks so much for your comment, and Alastair says hello! I hope all is well in Marlow…I hear you guys have snow :) I’m doing my best to get a video up of the pangolin…very strange creature. Take care!

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