Sunday is our day off from work and although Alastair and I usually whittle the day away reading, walking Apple, doing puzzles and other such leisurely activities, this Sunday Alastair wanted to go on an adventure.

Not an epic adventure, just a day trip to see a friend that has a diamond mining project about an hour outside of Koidu.

We were headed to a place on the Bafi River, which is a major diamond-mining area of Sierra Leone.  Diamonds have been both a blessing and a curse in this country.  Everyone is hoping to find a diamond big enough to get rich quick and consequently agriculture and infrastructure has suffered.  We drove through the town where the third largest stone in the world was found but it wouldn’t be obvious that something of such value was discovered there.  The film Blood Diamond was a vague representation of scenes common in this area during the war.

After a bumpy drive, we had to cross a river in a dugout canoe.

The dugout ‘captain’ used a shovel as a paddle.  But a shovel certainly worked better than flip-flips, which was what people in the dugout next to us were using for paddles.

Meanwhile women and children do their daily washing.

We took a tour of the area and it certainly felt like the Harmattan has stopped blowing because the day was exceedingly hot.

We stopped in the village of the license holder and visited his family and the chief.  As always there was a crowd of children close by but my favorite was one particular little girl.

Her hair reminds me of those little troll dolls that I used to have as a kid :)

It was quite the mini-adventure.


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