Three’s Company.

Snake sighting number three was a little too close for comfort.  The two analysts coming from London, one South African and one American, from a company interested in buying into the project had just arrived in camp.  They are here for a quick visit doing their due diligence before giving the red or green light to their investment.  We were in the office when one of the men encountered a small but fairly aggressive snake that seemed to materialize out of nowhere.  The snake retreated under a cupboard and continued to hiss with a bit too much vigor for me to stick around.  We all exited the office to let a few of the security men find and kill the snake (essentially beating it with sticks and meter-long rulers).

Alastair believes that it was some kind of night adder.  I was ok with the idea of the snakes outside and in trees but hiding around corners inside the buildings makes me a bit uneasy.

My apologies for the unpalatable photograph.  I think the security men were a bit spooked by the hissing and were eager to kill the snake!


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