Necessity, The Mother Of Invention.

Without a doubt, it is difficult to get things in Sierra Leone.  There are plenty of items that are not difficult to come by such as bananas, snakes, and rain in rainy season, but the more particular object can prove to be a bit more challenging.

Koidu is the closest town and still a forty-minute drive away.  Arriving in Koidu doesn’t guarantee anything either.  Just last week there was no fuel in all of Koidu; the reason mostly likely being something to do with delivery trucks having trouble on the bumpy journey from Freetown.

Surprisingly, not having shops with every manner of item at my disposal is easy enough to get used to…out of sight, out of mind I suppose.  Still, after a while I started to miss certain kinds of herbs and vegetables.  Week after week I would ask Mohammed the cook to check for cilantro, or coriander to my British friends, at the local market to no avail.  It was time to take matters into my own hands.  Alastair and I bought some seeds in the U.K. with the intention of planting some different greens in camp.

I had been waiting to find some sort of pot to plant our little seeds in so when Alastair found a couple we finally got down to business.   I’m not sure if the soil here is conducive to grow swiss chard or cilantro, but Alastair planted our little seeds and we’re hoping for the best.

My job is watering, and I suppose I could have done this just by pouring water into the pot but Alastair came up with an idea to make our own watering can.  I found something sharp (thanks to my handy mini sewing kit),

and with a rock, drove holes into the top of an old water bottle.

Voila! A homemade watering can!

Maybe this cilantro will be ready the same time the avocados are ripe…yum.


3 thoughts on “Necessity, The Mother Of Invention.

  1. Your soil looks like clay, sand and pebbles.
    Do you compost? If you wanted to you would need a large container with small holes like your watering bottle to breath but keep critters out.
    Wait a minute……
    WHAT am I thinking!? with Apple and Oatsey what could be left over!!!

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