The Giving Tree.

Alastair will tell you that I am fairly obsessed with avocados.  It’s true. Here, they are simply called pear, but with the Krio accent it comes out more like “peh-ah.”  There is the butter pear, which is the rich avocado that typically has the bumpy skin on the outside, and the water pear, which is the larger avocado usually with a smoother skin and greater water content.  We have a few avocado trees around camp but I’ve been spending a lot of time around one in particular…

because there are about a million baby avocados growing on it.

This tree has me waiting with bated breath for all of its marvelous fruit to be in season!  But I’ll be holding my breath for a while unfortunately.  These cute little guys won’t be full grown for a few months.

While I was losing myself in the wonder of this miracle tree I heard a little rustling behind me.

It turned out to be a big rustling.  Oatsy seemed to be taking a stroll around camp…a little too close to my avocado tree for my liking.

Avocados aren’t the only fruit that are making an appearance.  These spiky guys are coming up quick.

I turned my back for a second.

Oatsy! Leave that avocado tree alone!

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