I’ll be honest, I know little to nothing about bush surveying.  We have a surveyor in camp but contracted a company to do an overhaul of the coordinates over the license.  From what I gather, they set up a base station here in camp to send a constant signal, which is then picked up in various places in the bush allowing us to have accurate positioning of places such as drill holes.

It is clearly an important measure to be taken.  The three men that arrived are two British guys from Zimbabwe and one man from Botswana.  They predict it will take four or five days to complete their work.

But it may take longer than that for me to understand it.

On a side note, I made marzipan brownies last night with a package of marzipan I brought from the U.K.  Delicious!

3 thoughts on “Surveying.

    • Basically I took a good cocoa brownie recipe and before baking, put half the batter in the pan, laid on it a rolled out sheet of marzipan then covered with the other half of the brownie batter. I kept thinking, I wish I could send one to Jess!

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