Camp Tour.

Come have a closer look around camp. I’ll be your tour guide.

Yes, me…the cheese-ball pointing a thumb at herself.  My mom mentioned she’d like to see more of what camp looks like, and because she makes up about 1/5 of my blog readers I suppose I’ve got to give the public what they want :)

Things are a bit spread out around camp with bedrooms in blocks of 3 or 4 rooms in a row.  My room is the one at the end of this block.  I just got a new bed and full-length mirror, YAHOO!

Thankfully my block of rooms has bathrooms inside each one, but all the other rooms in camp do not, therefore everyone else shares this strip of three showers and three toilets.

The office is freestanding and the mess is attached to the kitchen.  This is the mess from the porch door.

Inside the mess, most people sit facing the TV.

Mmmmm, lunch.

Focus Kristina. Ok, back outside new rooms are being built while the laundry quickly dries in the sun.

Typical sights around camp, bags of charcoal.

Baby chicks.

Me, stealing a baby chick.

The baby chick going to the bathroom in my hand and then quickly being returned to its mother.

Enough of the baby chick now.

Alright, I’m fairly certain I make a pretty poor tour guide.  There are too many baby chicks to distract me, but I hope I was able to offer a closer look around :)


7 thoughts on “Camp Tour.

  1. Mom’s always right!! Thanks for the tour– it is so helpful to “place” you.
    The sunshine looks so enticing as it is 20 degrees and windy here today. And, compliments to the chef. That looks like one tasty lunch! Makes me hungry…

  2. Your Mom is not your only reader:) All looks too familiar! Wish I could send you anything your little heart desires, but you and I both know IT WOULD NEVER GET TO YOU.

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