Dry Season.

Dry season is upon us and when I was once complaining about the constant rain and dampness of rainy season, I now harp on about the constant clouds of dust and the dryness of late.

I know, I’m such a whiner :) In truth, I’d take dry season over rainy season any day.

In these months, the land is left not only scorched and brown from the sun but also coated in a red film of dust being kicked up from the earth. There hasn’t been a rain since the beginning of December and with each day the ground gets dryer.

The Harmattan is a wind that blows south from the Sahara Desert and fills the sky with fine dust particles that create a haze in the sky.

But it makes for a lovely orangey-pinkish sunset.

Though it still gets pretty hot in the day, as soon as the sun sets the air temperature drops approximately 20 degrees F.  The sudden difference leaves you actually feeling a bit chilled but you always can count on tomorrow to be filled with more sunshine :)


2 thoughts on “Dry Season.

  1. Hello,

    Not knowing exactly where Sierra Leone is in relation to the sahel, can you tell this UK resident whether the heavy rains have arrived in the sahel in recent weeks. It may sound like a strange request which I suppose it is but it’s good to hear this from people bearing the brunt of african weather. The main reason for asking is that I lack african weather data online and as I’m a birder, I have an interest in the african migrant species.

    Nice post.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

    • Hi Tony, Thanks for reading. I’ve asked a friend in Mali and Senegal and they’ve not had any rain so far this year either. The Harmattan is blowing a dry wind from the Sahara still so I don’t expect any birds to fly north, though I’m not an expert. Where we are in Sierra Leone is in the upper Guinea forest area and I believe sahel is more north of us.

      I hope that helps!

      P.S. I’m told that one of the interesting birds here in Sierra Leone is the White-Necked Picathartes

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