Like A Spitfire.

After a turbulent flight across the Atlantic on Tuesday, I skidded back into London and was overjoyed to be reunited with Alastair.

I had planned to spend one day in England in order to attend the combined celebration of Alastair’s father’s retirement and the 30th wedding anniversary for both his parents.  Al’s dad, Paddy, has recently retired from the Royal Air Force and to commemorate the occasion, he invited a group to tour the Battle of Britain Ops Room at Uxbridge.

Al and I in front of a Spitfire plane.  The Spitfire was a fighter aircraft used by the RAF throughout World War II.

Going down into the bunker.

We learned about how the ops room worked and saw the plotting table.

After a tour of the bunker that included a video and visit in the museum, we all had lunch in the officer’s mess at RAF Northolt.

There was even “Spitfire” Steak Pie for lunch featuring an impression of a Spitfire plane in the pastry and made with Spitfire beer.

The whole event was a special way to pay tribute to Paddy’s service as well as honor his and Sue’s 30th wedding anniversary and I feel fortunate to have been included.  He may be retired but I don’t imagine Paddy slowing down anytime soon.


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