Home, Sweet Home.

In the words of my Mother, “it’s time to get back on that blog thing.” I think I took vacation mode a little too seriously.

I felt very lucky to be home for Christmas through New Year’s. There is little in life that feels more familiar than being home and being away for long stretches of time makes me appreciate it all the more.

Being the holidays there was much gathering, celebrating, eating, drinking, and playing of games.  Here are a few images captured from my time at home.

My mom and niece Aly at the homestead.

Our little Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve Puzzle.

Santa has been put together.

Cappuccino in Atomic.

My alarm clock at my Dad’s house in Connecticut, the adorable Obie who likes to jump on my face in the morning.


The family kitty-cat, Shadow.


Toasting at midnight on New Year’s Eve with sparkling apple cider and my mom…just like a rockstar would.


New Year’s Day walk on Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Mother and daughter.

Last night at home, and the family playing Monopoly.


I lost.


I loved every moment at home with family and friends.


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