Time To Celebrate.

If Freetown is crazy on a regular day, and it is, then the city becomes maniacal for the whole month around Christmas.  The city doesn’t have roads to accommodate the growing number of cars that drive on them.  People come from all over the country and even from abroad to celebrate the holidays in the city with family and friends.  There are all night parties along the beautiful beaches and speakers blasting disco music at every turn.

Although we didn’t actively participate in any of the frivolity, we certainly couldn’t escape the crowds, traffic or the late night music (or the layer of dust that covers the body due to the harmattan).  When in the city, we stay at the villa, which is a large house that is rented by the company for staff traveling through.  It was probably once a very nice place but has since fallen into disrepair.

Nevertheless, it still has a nice view out to the sea.

Yesterday we took the water taxi across to the airport and settled in for the long trip to Alastair’s parents’ house.

Landing in Europe, the freezing weather was a shock to the system, but I’m very happy we’re now in England safe and sound and get to begin our own Christmas celebrations.


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