The Final Countdown.

It has been overwhelmingly busy in camp this past week.  There is a push to get things done before the project essentially closes down for Christmas and we only have a couple of days to go.  The drillers packed up and headed to Freetown today but there are hundreds of loose ends before we can do the same (hopefully on Friday).  Although my paper snowflakes have fostered a bit of festive feelings, I can’t wait to fly to England and then home to Boston to be fully immersed in Christmas madness.

I can’t leave without making sure Apple is well taken care of though.   I’ve commissioned one of the cooks to make her some food every day and I even bought four pumpkins to boil up as a healthy treat.  The gardener, PaKarim brought the pumpkins, or punkin in Krio, from a local crop.

I did actually ask him to smile for the photo, and yes, the pumpkins are green.

I also managed to make some whiskey raisin fudge  in a spare moment since I still have that mostly-full bottle of Johnny Walker just sitting around.

Delicious, but very sweet.

Only a few more days of craziness to go.


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