A Winter Wonderland.

We are officially in the beginning of dry season.  We no longer experience daily thunderstorms and the skies are generally clear of any clouds.  This means that the sun can beat down with all of its strength in the day but, once set, the air turns cooler through the night and into early morning.  By no stretch of the imagination is it cold, but local people will bundle up as if they are going on a ski vacation.  But then, not indicative of the weather at all, I’ve seen men wearing puffy down coats in the most unbearably hot part of the summer so I’m not surprised when the son of one of the security men came to visit he was dressed like this…

It is difficult to conjure up a holiday season spirit when in the bush of Sierra Leone, just as it was difficult to imagine either Thanksgiving or Halloween being so far removed.  Once it was clear to me that none of the men in camp were going to initiate any holiday decorating I took the task on myself.  Unfortunately, I was merely left with paper as a medium to set the Christmas mood.  I thought about stringing popcorn but reconsidered at the mention of rats and ants.

Paper snowflakes it is.  A little bit of paper goes a long way.

I’m still on the lookout for a Christmas tree though.



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