A Bundle of Joy.

A couple days ago a young woman from the Komahun village was having serious childbirth difficulties.  It is not uncommon for women to simply have their babies inside the small village huts without any medical equipment in case of emergency and instead endure childbirth in an unclean environment, otherwise those who are financially able will walk miles to the nearest health clinic all the while experiencing contractions.  There are many contributing factors to the infant mortality rate being so high in Sierra Leone but the conditions for childbirth are certainly included

This particular young woman was having complications, but being the niece of one of the company drivers, it was asked on her behalf to be driven to the government hospital in Koidu.  Consent was given, yet Koidu still being a bumpy 40-minute drive away, it happened that the young woman gave birth just as they arrived at the hospital.  Thankfully both mother and child survived and are doing well.

This little bundle was named Kristina.

Truthfully, I have no idea how they spell my name and when it is spoken it sounds more like Kris-tee-eh-na, but many people smiled and told me that this child is “my namesake.”

It is an overwhelming and undeserved honor to have a baby named after me so Alastair and I made a point to visit the family and offer a gift.

She is a beautiful bo-bo (Krio for baby) and it was fun to hear the family call her baby Kris.


10 thoughts on “A Bundle of Joy.

  1. What a wonderful and happy Christmastime story!
    Thanks for sharing it with us! Will you be home for the holidays??

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