Snake Sighting Number Two.

I couldn’t have imagined that it would be long before it happened again, but it is always thrilling nonetheless.

The trees in camp are laden with bird nests.  These birds are pretty but besides making relentless noise and destroying the trees for fruit, they make an enticing buffet of eggs for large venomous snakes.

The spectacle of this long snake slithering into a bird nest made me shudder so I’m almost glad I didn’t get the chance to photograph the sight before rocks were being hurled to knock the snake out of the tree and quickly thereafter killed by crushing it’s head.

One of the security men must have noticed him first but it doesn’t take much to draw a crowd.  The people here know how dangerous these snakes can be and grown men will show signs of terror when confronted with one.

Once again, Alastair was in the bush during the whole ordeal but we hung the snake up on a branch so that he would have a chance to see it upon his return.

After consulting the West African Snakes manual, Alastair and I best deduced that this is a Blanding’s Tree Snake, which can grow well over 6ft. in length and will take up its station in a tree housing a weaver bird colony.

I would not be adverse to a long period of time before sighting number three.


4 thoughts on “Snake Sighting Number Two.

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeya!
    That thing is sooo long!
    So that”s where all that tweeting in Tarka’s video was coming from.
    Must be a comfort to have those security guys.

  2. oh no ! I couldn’t have taken it and would have been on the next plane home ! – Certainly wouldn’t have slept for the rest of the holiday !!!! I’m soooo glad I wasn’t there.

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