A Second Home.

Part of my job is to facilitate communication between the company and community.  Even though it is only a couple of miles from camp, I had never been to the village of Titanbaia, yet I had met the chief and other community members from there in the past.  A driver took me through the other side of the bush that I had never ventured to before and there I met with the community leaders.

I initiated a meeting with the chief to express concern for the community and inquire on pressing needs for the people there and development.

The Chief of Titanbaia.

Thankfully I was not wholly on my own, for I brought with me a local worker who would translate much of the conversation into the Kono language.  I may be getting better at Krio but my Kono is limited to greetings and expressions of thanks.  Titanbaia is one of the remote villages where Krio is not as common.

Meeting with the people is always easier when you’re coming in the spirit of giving and we discussed much about possible future projects that the company could potentially sponsor for the community and it was returned with a deluge of appreciation.  Although their list of desires is long, it was nice to see that gratitude was not lost on just the fact that I visited and took time to speak with them.  I was called a sister to everyone and Titanbaia has been offered as my second home.

I think I’m starting to blend in.



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