A Welcome And A Farewell.

Arriving in camp is always the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel after the long hard road ending in lots of greetings, reunions and smiling faces (I’m pretty sure Apple smiles when she sees us). It was only the sight of Tarka the otter that made my heart sink. He was obviously very sick and weak when we arrived and we were informed that he hadn’t been well for a couple of days. Being so young and small, his little body wasn’t able to fight enough and therefore he died in the night. Even though the odds were stacked against him from the start, Alastair and I had truly hoped that we could raise him enough to someday put him back in the wild. I certainly feel as if I failed our little otter pup, especially because we had to leave him in the hands of others for long periods of time. We buried him this morning but will keep our memories of how special it was to care for him.

Remembering our little Tarka.


8 thoughts on “A Welcome And A Farewell.

  1. Dear Kristina and Alastair,
    That was the first blog that made me cry.
    I showed so many people the video of him squeaking and wanting to
    be held by you.

  2. oh no ! – I’m so, so sad, tears fill my eyes ! Little Tarka was the most beautiful creatuure who just wanted to be cuddled ! You did the best for him and couldn’t have done anymore. We now all have happy memories !
    A big hug for you both and God bless

    • Thanks Sue, I’m sorry it is such a disappointing ending but I’m glad you had the opportunity to see him yourself. I hope you all are feeling better and I’m sure Bertie is happy to have you back.

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