Drummer Boy.

Alastair is a drummer. He would probably love nothing more than to haul his whole drum set out to the middle of the bush and rock out whenever he felt the urge. That being completely unrealistic, he settles on quick jam sessions whenever he’s home.

At the moment, his drum set is being kept at his parents’ church for others to use as well while he’s away so we walked up there for the chance to play.

We’ve also been taking advantage of the British countryside.

Of course we take Bertie with us…even though I may have to offer him treats as incentive to actually stay with us :)

To be able to walk out the front door and wander outside is certainly something I took for granted in the past but after going without it for months in the bush makes it that much more enjoyable.

There’s always plenty to see.  Hello moo-cows.

Hello mushies.

Even still, my excitement to be on a walk doesn’t rival Bertie’s.


2 thoughts on “Drummer Boy.

    • Thanks Tia! We’re doing really well thanks, I can’t believe how much time has passed already. Are you guys heading to MA around Christmas-time? I hope the whole Martin-Nascembeni clan is doing well!

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