London Calling, Again.

Alastair and I took the train into London for a meeting with the CEO and CFO of the company that has recently bought 51% of his project in Sierra Leone. Arriving early in the city gave us time to get a coffee.

Soon we met both men and over lunch and the pair asked questions about details concerning the current state of affairs. It was a pleasant meeting even though neither seemed too keen to visit Sierra Leone anytime soon.

We also made plans to meet up with Alastair’s ex-university roommate and good friend Rax, but  we had time to spare after the meeting. Thankfully, there’s never a lack of activities in London.

Al took me to the shop Fortnum and Mason, which is an extravagant specialty food department store. The fancy displays were all enticing but it was the candy counter that was calling my name.

I couldn’t resist a marzipan vegetable. I opted for a carrot, which I later munched on when we had tea in the Crypt.

The Crypt is under a church in Trafalgar Square, with a brick vaulted ceiling and gravestones around, yet still a cozy place to have snack in their cafe.

Big Ben in the distance.

After roaming around the Square we entered the National Gallery where they were featuring a Da Vinci exhibit.  London is excellent for museum browsing because they are usually free for entry.

Dark soon fell upon us as we walked to Covent Garden to meet Rax.  The area was alight with Christmas decorations and buzzing with food stands with samples, performers and shoppers.

It had been years since I saw Rax and it was great to catch up.

The three of us had dinner at an Italian restaurant that provided me with a long-awaited bite of pizza, which tasted better than it did in the dreams I had been having in the bush.

A great day in London!


4 thoughts on “London Calling, Again.

  1. It’s my marzipan dream come true! Just so you know, I’ll be expecting a marzipan delivery next time you are back in the states.

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