From Tropical To Chilly.

The drive to Freetown took 8 long, bumpy hours, but the next day Alastair and I were rewarded with a bit of this…

A trip to Number Two Beach rejuvenated the soul.  The coast of Sierra Leone is quite exceptional but there are rarely many people on the beaches.  Typically they are frequented only by expatriates and thus we had the water mostly to ourselves.


The ocean was warm and clear with plenty of waves to play in, all surrounded by lush green mountains which all made for a fantastic way to spend the day.

Recalling the tranquility of the beach helped us to get through the evening’s events of making our way back to England.  It doesn’t sound so bad but the levels of transport and time it takes to just get to the airport is taxing on the most patient of person.  Alastair and I then flew through the night and arrived in London this morning.

Thankfully, we arrived safe and sound, and no amount of sleep deprivation or itchy bed-bug bites on my body (yes, bed-bug bites) can take away from how happy we are to be at Alastair’s parents’ house and enjoying the comforts of home.  I’m enjoying the gray, cold, wet weather and happy to put on a sweater and sit by a fire. There is much to appreciate (especially the absence of bed-bugs).


4 thoughts on “From Tropical To Chilly.

  1. I noticed that you were actually getting a little bit of sun in that photo, have you given up use of the beach umbrella at all times? :)

    Ugh, bed bugs, so sorry…

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