A Hot Halloween.

I hope the snowstorm back home hasn’t ruined trick-or-treating for Halloween night.  The sun continues to beat down on us here so it is difficult to imagine shoveling snow just yet.  Adding to the heat of the day, Alastair found some especially hot chilies in the bush and kindly brought them back for me to try.

Here, I’ve been eating more peppeh (Krio for peppers) in a day than I would probably consume in a year’s time back home and, naturally, my tolerance for heat has increased.

Still, these peppers packed a punch and were…

Happy Halloween!

3 thoughts on “A Hot Halloween.

  1. We got about 4 inches and lots of wind but halloween went off in georgetown without a hitch. Hope you’re enjoying that HEAT!

  2. I love this post for a few reasons:

    1. I’m obsessed with hot peppers! I love spicy food! My husband and I have contests to see how spicy we can make our food. :)

    2. I also cannot imagine being cold right now. It’s crazy seeing pictures of people playing in snow already!

    3. Remember when we went trick or treating near your house?! Was that freshman year? -and I was so excited because I had never gone trick or treating before!


    • Julia! I can’t believe I had forgotten about that! I think it might’ve even been sophomore year. We were definitely the oldest trick-or-treaters out that night! But we got a lot of candy! Ahhhhh memories :)

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