Swimming Lesson.

Part of rearing the otter pup, Tarka, so that he has the best chance of survival in the wild involves learning how to swim. Since our little Tarka doesn’t have a mother around to teach him to swim, Alastair and I are the volunteer swim instructors.

Tarka likes to be held and will start to squeak if you leave him alone, even on dry ground. In the water he clearly is an animal made for swimming but panics when left alone. We had to hold him and guide him through the water and also let him do it himself for short periods.

There was much to learn.

Such as the backstroke…

And blowing bubbles…

Tarka is a natural :)



8 thoughts on “Swimming Lesson.

  1. Oh my goodness! Tarka is the definition of cute. (sorry Apple of course
    your cute too.)
    You missed Mass. historical storm. Western Mass is a real mess.
    Here in Beverly it is slushville.

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