Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice.

That’s what my niece Aly is made of.

My most favorite little girl turns 10 years old today, and although I can’t be with her to celebrate, Alastair, Apple, Oatsy, Tarka and I wanted to send a little message…

Apple was particularly excited to be in the picture with us and Alastair was excited about how much heavier she had gotten.

We wanted to do a group photo with all of the animals but I was afraid they would all go a bit nuts.

Tarka just wanted to play on the sign.

And Oatsy just wanted to eat the sign!

Everyone just wants to say, Happy 10th Birthday Aly!!!

Love, Kristina, Alastair, Apple, Oatsy, Tarka


4 thoughts on “Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice.

  1. Happy 10th Aly! Double digits are very exciting. And I honestly don’t know another 10 year old who has gotten a birthday greeting that has travelled so far. Enjoy the year!!

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