Sweet, Education Sweet.

Those are the words to the song that was coming from sea of children approaching the camp.  The head teacher, Saffea, had written a letter earlier today saying the children wanted to greet the director of the company.  Word has clearly spread about Alastair’s boss’s presence.

The boss saying hello

The hot sun was beating down on the group and I was disappointed that we didn’t have enough of a warning to gather treats for each of the students.  The school has over 330 students, yet many of them do not attend regularly for they are needed in the bush or the farm with their parents.

Saffea asked me to say something to the children so that they would be “satisfied for coming.”  I knew my words were not going to be as appreciated as maybe a lollipop would have been, but I did remind them that education is sweet.

Still, we’re trying to get a hold of some sweeties to hand out tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Sweet, Education Sweet.

  1. Sorry I can’t see what I am typing on this iPad…. I want to hear more about them. Next time I will post from my desk top!

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