Let Him Eat Cake!

Alastair’s company has recently sold half of its interest in the Sierra Leone project.  The CEO of the company, Al’s boss, flew into Freetown and drove up to camp to spend a few days.  What does Kristina do?

She bakes more cake.

Yes, more cake.  Only, after picking a delicious sounding banana cake recipe with coconut milk, I realized I was down to a measly one cup of flour.  I wasn’t about to let that stop me though.  I added in other dry ingredients to compensate, like cocoa powder (chocolate, banana, coconut YUM) and oats.  It was delicious, despite the fact that Al’s boss didn’t end up trying any.

However, I have forgiven him because although he refused my cake he offered me a working contract.  That’s right!  I am employed.  I am being hired as a consultant and I will spend half of my time doing administrative tasks and the other half working on community service projects, namely the Community Development Agreement that has to be instituted before a mining license will be granted.

I think we should all eat cake tonight!


9 thoughts on “Let Him Eat Cake!

  1. Well done Krissy – the job and cake !! You deserve it !
    off to London today to see my friend Ruth and then our Ruth at Royal Geographical for talk on Columbus , America and the flat earth!! Love to your mum

  2. Congratulations on your new job! It sounds like a perfect position for you to utilize all of your skills and interests!

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