Al’s Big Day Out.

I managed to convince Alastair to drive me into Koidu for shopping today.  I usually go with a driver, and usually on Mondays, but yesterday we were short on vehicles in camp and it we weren’t in urgent need of any items.  Alastair enjoys a trip into Koidu about as much as I do, but he agreed to drive since it’s always more fun together.

Our Ride.

Together we were, with about 8 other men squished into the back of the Land Rover.  No matter how many people you start a journey to Koidu with, guaranteed the number will double if not triple.

Somehow, we always manage to make it through these busy streets near the market.

There are plenty of stalls selling any manner of items.

It is common to find mostly plastic items, from bowls to tea kettles.

Alastair looks very pleased to be in Koidu.

Perhaps it’s because errands that should take minutes end up  taking hours.

Eventually we finished and headed back.  So long, Koidu!

Tarka, the otter pup was certainly hungry when we arrived at camp.

Behlful, Krio for fed :)


2 thoughts on “Al’s Big Day Out.

  1. I love those multi- coloured plastic buckets !
    Will I fit one in my suitcase ? – or should I bring a rucksack ?
    I’m getting quite excited !
    Dear Tarka – it would be lovely to find his mum !
    Hope you can both be here on 4th Jan ?

    • Tarka is very cute but I hope we can find his mom as well. I’m sure you can bring one of those buckets back to the U.K. with you. I’m glad to hear you’re getting excited for your trip out, I think it’s going to be fun. I’m getting excited for a week in Marlow!! It will be nice to have a break :)

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