Baking In The Bush.

I have never baked a fruitcake.  I enjoy eating a lot of fruitcake, especially Alastair’s mom’s Christmas cake, but I’ve never attempted to make one myself.

I know that most people are none too fond of this delicious confection, but I believe they are simply lacking in palate refinement.

The bush of Sierra Leone seemed a good enough place to endeavor my first fruitcake but, unfortunately, I didn’t have the necessary ingredient…liquor.  Then, a few days ago, a local acquaintance of Alastair’s, a German expatriate, gifted him a bottle of whiskey as thanks for extending hospitality in the past.


Sunday’s activity: bake a fruitcake.

Hot toddy fruitcake, to be exact.

As always, oven temperature regulation was complete guesswork, and I was missing some ingredients, but I’m pleased to say that the cake made it out just fine.

I’ll probably be the only one that eats this monster…

…but that’s ok with me :)


2 thoughts on “Baking In The Bush.

  1. Have to say, it’s pretty impressive that you were able to bake a fruitcake in Africa. Was there any marzipan available? You know how I love marzipan!

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