Gone Bananas.

I suppose there’s no such thing as a wrong banana, but there is such a thing as a red banana. I’ve gotten used to bananas of a different color out here. It is rare to get a fully yellow banana, which is why PaKarim gave me that enormous one as a gift a while back. Most of the time they are a dark green but these red ones seemed a bit more special.


Alastair certainly seems to think so.

As for Tarka, the Otter, he is doing well. I’ve been emailing an otter rescue expert and trying to get information about what to do with him. Alastair and I are considering bringing him back to the river in hopes that he’ll reunite with his mother. Until then, he just eats and sleeps like a little infant.






2 thoughts on “Gone Bananas.

    • Right, well I just found out the ending to that story! All Alastair mentioned before was that Tarka the Otter was a children’s program he watched! I’ll do my best to make sure our Tarka has a happier ending :)

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