Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program.

The environmental impact group has finished their assessment and is on their way back to Freetown. I haven’t had the chance too learn much more about the assessment as a whole. The ecologists spent most of their time in the bush, but the meetings that Alastair and I attended were revealing. Yesterday’s meeting in Jaima, which hosted several villages and towns that were not at Saturday’s meeting, was equally as long and painstaking. When the attendees were asked about what they expect from the company, one person said to build a school and employ teachers, another person said to have electricity installed in their village, and another said they expected the company to build a health center. There are many villages surrounding the licensed area and every one wants the company to be their benefactors. Thankfully, one of the speakers was trying to convey to the group that the company is not a charitable organization, and although it may have certain duties to uphold regarding the community, many ideas mentioned are not the responsibility of the company. The meeting was further slowed due to the constant translation necessary. Many of the people from the small communities do not speak Krio and would only understand Kono. For me, Krio is fairly easy to understand as long as it isn’t spoken too fast. Kono as a language, on the other hand, is near impossible to interpret and has a Chinese sound to it. I’ve learned a couple of greetings in Kono but not much else so far. So, although the meetings were very long, it was a good opportunity to hear the public’s response to the group’s questions.

Since the kitchen has be making food for 20 extra people, three meals a day, there has been a surplus of leftovers. This means Apple has been getting buckets of rice and other foods several times a day. At first she just ate herself silly and could barely move her big belly.

Alastair was giving her a belly scratch since she was too full to get up and play.

We had to start restricting how much leftovers she was receiving. Still, she has an enormous belly now and is going to be a bit in shock now that the group is gone and her daily portion will go back to normal.

She’ll manage. As for the rest of us, it’s nice to have the camp back to normal :)


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