Apples for Apple.

I think the only person who ended up getting the day off was Timmy, the cat.

Timmy napping on top of bags of charcoal.

But, he gets every day off.

Reconciling accounts and preparing for the environmental impact group’s arrival took up the entire workday. The 20, or more, people are due at some point today and I’m bracing myself for utter chaos. Nevertheless, I hope to learn a bit more about what an environmental impact assessment entails and the process of performing one.

Even though it ended up being a busy day, we did get to do some of the jigsaw puzzle, and I did eat quite a few of those “apples.”  I’m getting used to the pine cone flavor. I gave a half-eaten one to Apple but she wasn’t interested.

She only wanted the potato leaf.

Apple is quite possibly the fussiest pig there ever was.  She also needs a bath.


4 thoughts on “Apples for Apple.

  1. Now there’s a cat on the scene ! Hope Apple and Oatsey like him ?What a lot of people in camp – are you coping ? ( a silly question – of course you are ) Is Mariame helping ? The concumber looked delicious -hope theres some good veg for our visit !
    Looking forward to hearing about the environmental chaps and what they’re up to. Will pray for the christians of the area- that they may have trust in Christ with such secret societies about in the bush.
    will confirm tickets tomorrow – 16th it is I guess ?
    lots of love

  2. Hi Kristina, enjoyed your pictures of Koida and the beetle. Really appreciate the time you must take to post them onto the web. All is well here in UK, though we could probably benefit from an environmental census here. I hope they enjoyed their stay with you. Good to see Apple looking so well, though grateful we cannot smell him – Bertie is bad enough. Have a great rest after the team depart. our love, paddy and Sue

    • Thanks Paddy :) I’m glad all is well back in the UK. The environmental group is still here…I don’t know of their plans to leave anytime soon but I’m hoping it won’t be too long. We’re all happy Apple is better :)

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