Secret Society.

I wish I could explain a bit more about what happens on this day when the secret society “cleans the sacred bush” but I suppose it’s called a secret for a reason. I have heard that they are a powerful group within the community and children are initiated in at around the age of six, and there’s also been mention about the society using scarification on the neck and back. Today, the society is going to clean the bush of any bad things, which includes some ceremonial process, but for the most part I keep being told that no one can talk about it. Of course, all of this secrecy piques my interest even more, but since I’m being kept in the dark I was certainly content to just sleep in a bit later this morning.

Even though most of the workers are not in camp today, Alastair is still working hard, therefore I didn’t feel as if I could totally slack off. We are in the midst of reconciling accounts for the month of September, which is a long and tedious process done at the end of every month. When I went to the office, I had something special waiting for me atop my computer.

A gift from PaKarim, the gardener. A concumber (Krio for cucumber) and a monster sized banana.  Both are looking mighty delicious.

Although Alastair is attempting to make me work all day, I’m determined to work on this…

A jigsaw puzzle we brought from the UK :)

And eat a few of these “apples.”

Yes, I said apples. I know they don’t look anything like apples and, interestingly enough, they don’t taste anything like apples either. They are crisp and juicy but are not sweet. Instead, they are bitter, and I can only describe the flavor as one of a pinecone.

Nevertheless, it’s a novelty to have a fruit that has a bit of a crunch, so I’m enjoying my apples!

I wonder if Apple, the piggie, will eat these?


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