Cooking Lessons Revised.

Although the baking classes of yore were enjoyed by all, including the ladies who participated and everyone else who actually consumed the baked goods, I have been thinking of ways to build upon what we’ve already done. Teaching some basic baking techniques offered the ladies a bit of knowledge and me a chance to develop relationships with people in the community, but I wanted to diversify.

One young lady in particular, named Mariama, has been eager and attentive in all of the classes thus far, therefore, I’m continuing on with some basic cooking instruction for her. I hope that whatever information I can impart may possibly lead to a job opportunity for her. There are many mining camps, NGO’s, and other companies that employ local cooks, and giving Mariama some experience in a kitchen will help her chances of employment in the future.

As it happens, Alastair’s company is paying for an environmental impact assessment to be done, and 20 Sierra Leonean people will be descending upon us next week and staying in the camp for approximately 10 days. This is going to be a huge drain on camp resources and the staff; therefore, I suggested Mariama could be hired as a temporary kitchen worker and, thankfully, the idea was agreed upon.

We’ve had two lessons so far, making a vegetarian curry last week and corn chowder this week. There are quite a few ladies that have heard about the classes and are asking to attend as well, so we may look at expanding. I never remember to take pictures while I’m doing the lesson, however…

I do have a picture of my piggie, Apple.20110930-164044.jpg

Who is looking much better these days :)


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