Get Your Goat.

I feel as if I’ve been neglecting Oatsy, the goat. With Apple needing so much attention when we first arrived and all of the commotion of getting settled back in, Oatsy’s just been hanging out, doing goat things I guess. He hasn’t had any shortage of food though, and his belly seems to be expanding every day. There is plenty of foliage around for him to munch, although Alastair would prefer him not to eat all of the trees in the camp, which he would do if he were left untied :)

So, we paid Oatsy a little visit. At first he was considering a cup of tea…

But, once he saw what I had, he changed his mind.


Oatsy isn’t shy, and certainly won’t contain his excitement if you have a couple of leaves in your hand.


I wasn’t doing this to torture him, he seems to enjoy jumping up for leaves.


Once all of the leaves were gone, Alastair was quick to tie Oatsy up again and asked, “Can we eat Oatsy?”


“No, Alastair, we cannot eat Oatsy!”


Oatsy might try to eat my camera though.


3 thoughts on “Get Your Goat.

  1. Oh Oatsy is a cutie but I know what they can do. In West Va you would
    borrow some to clear a patch of land.
    Don’t let Alastair bug you about spending time on the blog. We all
    love it and I read every one right away.
    We are decorating with pumpkins and Indian corn in New England.
    Will send pics
    All the best
    Ma Bell

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