Manic Monday.

Shopping day has arrived again and I’m back at Unique Supermarket. Due to the condition of the road from Freetown to Koidu, many trucks are not delivering goods regularly. For the past few weeks, the entire town of Koidu has been out of Star Beer, which, of course, isn’t a disaster, but it shows the inconsistency of business due to the lack of infrastructure. Furthermore, the cost of food is extremely high. Nevertheless, the shopping has to be done.


Inside Unique Supermarket, once I’ve finished stacking everything I need onto the counter, one man calls out the items while the shopkeeper writes out a receipt by hand.  One can imagine how long this process takes.  No automatic check-out line here.

Although I prefer the calm of camp over the chaos of Koidu, I’m getting used to the weekly trip and attempting to enjoy it more.


A view of Koidu.


Besides, I suppose camp is just as crazy…


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