Snake Sighting.

My first snake sighting was one of for the books. Yesterday afternoon, while the top branches of a tree were being cut down in the middle of camp, I heard a lot of commotion and yelling from Adama, the only female worker in camp. When someone came to tell me, “there’s a snake,” I was out of the office in a flash with my camera.

I joined the group standing around the tree. Adama had all of the day’s laundry stacked on her head, and she was yelling frantically, in Krio, therefore I caught very little of what she was saying. The other workers were standing under the tree pointing up and hurling rocks up to knock the snake down. I didn’t get a photo of it in the tree before a rock hit it and the snake fell through the sky. This 5-6 foot, black snake hit the ground and started moving fast. I’m not embarrassed to say that I ran the other direction while the workers threw stones at its head in order to kill it fast. Of course, I never want to see an animal killed, but this snake was highly venomous and could likely kill from a bite. With a closer look, it was either a Black Mamba or a Black Hoodless Cobra. These two snakes are difficult to differentiate from each other but are both very dangerous.



Carefully, the snake was carried out of camp and drew quite a crowd outside. People get pretty excited about a snake sighting.  I know I certainly was!


9 thoughts on “Snake Sighting.

  1. Krissy,
    Your Dad just gave us your blog address and of course the snake sighting was the first thing I read-they are one of my least favorite creatures. Even their discarded skins at museums or zoos creep me out. Keep taking the anti malaria meds!
    Love, Helen

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