Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Rainy season in Sierra Leone is like living inside of a shower with your clothes on. It is the state of being wet all of the time. When you are not wet, you are damp. The sun will make an appearance, and for a brief instant you think to yourself, “I’m getting dry,” but you’re not. You, or anything that belongs to you not will be dry until dry season comes. I hear that this magical time of year comes around November/December.

Rainy days awaken in me the desire to bake. Almost always, there is at least one of the three cooks in the kitchen, but on this rare afternoon, all three were out and I had the place to myself for about an hour. Enter Carrot, Ginger, Coconut Cake! Since Alastair and I dug up a heap of ginger on Sunday, I’d been dreaming about a gingery type cake. I had also came across a can of coconut milk in Unique Supermarket on Monday and I was determined to use them both. I found this recipe, tweaked it a bit and came out with the most delicious cake I’ve had in a long time.

Three pieces of cake and a double rainbow later…

I was smiling again. I was damp but I was smiling.


Those rainbows are difficult to catch.


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