Sunday Best.

Sunday ushers in some heated competitions between Alastair and I. This Sunday, it took the form of a ping-pong match. Alastair had a table built a while back and we brought some new balls and paddles from the US on our recent visit.


Game on.



I willingly admit that Alastair is better at ping-pong than I am.  On this particular day, however, I was victorious over him in an epic battle.  During my celebration dance, which included lots of interesting dance moves and noisy shouts, Alastair smiled and informed me that he had been playing left-handed the whole time.  That took the wind out of my sails.  Grrrrrr.

Time to walk the piggie. Or, rather, time for the piggie to walk us since Apple doesn’t listen to a thing we say anymore.


She refused to look at the camera for a picture. Typical.


She still likes to be close by though.

We found a bunch of juicy limes on the tree so the only logical thing to do was to make some juice. We decided to collect some mint and dig up some ginger to add to the concoction.

I should say, Alastair dug up the ginger.  Hey, he has on my elephant pants!


Oh well, at least he’s finding some nice ginger root.


All the ingredients are ready to go.


We had some sugar cane we wanted to use but, of course, we forgot, and I ended up using regular sugar to make the sweet and delicious juice for us to enjoy.


Sunday at its best!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Best.

  1. This Sunday we celebrated Harvest at Church. Your wonderful photos of tropical fruits emphasise how we can thank him for His goodness to us even in the jungles of Sierra Leone !
    God bless you both

  2. Hi Krisina – just tell Ali I will beat him playing left-handed table tennis ! And fo rthe record, I don’t play pingpong – that’s chinese.

    Look forward to seeing you guys at work some time !

    all the best Paddy

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