Room With A View.

My bedroom is finished and this girl is all moved in!  It is amazing what a bit of space can do for one’s state of mind, not to mention the view of the Nimini Hills right outside my window.


I like to pretend that the mosquito net I have to sleep under is just a canopy.


I don’t have very much, but what I do have is perfectly organized to my own liking.


In a state of bliss, I enjoy the comfort of an African chair.  Yes, I am wearing red and yellow pants with elephants on them.  They were a gift from Billy when he returned from Senegal.  I haven’t worn the matching elephant shirt along with them yet because I think that would just look silly.  This look, however, is fashion at it’s finest.


Lunch with a view.  A typical Sierra Leone lunch would be a mountain of rice with something on top, but a typical Kristina lunch is a mountain of chick peas with vegetables on top, plus an egg today.


Since Apple, the pig, is quickly getting back to her usual crazy self, here’s a little tribute to all the piggies out there.  Alastair’s mom, Sue, surprised me with some items before we left London. Useful piggie clips…


Those handy little guys keep the treats I brought from home and the UK from spilling all over the place.  Plus they’re cute.  Then there is the keychain..


I’m sure you’re wondering if the button on his head makes his snout light up and an oinking noise come out,  and you would be correct.  This provides endless entertainment value when I want to harass Alastair.

The sun is shining and it is Saturday!  I’m going to have to make some brownies tonight :)

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