More Power.

The past two days were the first that I saw Apple, not in rapid decline, but instead, making small improvements. She doesn’t seem to be suffering from infection anymore, just dealing with the toll it took on her small body. All in all, I can say, the piggie is getting better! In Krio, they would say that she has more power.

She even managed to stir up some trouble in the garden before she decided to lie down for a nap in the sun.

A dirty snout is a clear sign of mischief.

Another piece of good news is that my bedroom is almost finished. It was torn down while we were away, due to the termite infestation, and rebuilt with clay bricks. I’m very excited to move back into my own little space very soon :)

My soon-to-be sanctuary.

Alastair is hard at work putting things back into order from being away for a month, and also preparing for drilling to begin. Regardless, he managed to find me the prettiest flower in camp to make me smile.

That’s flower power.

One of the young ladies from my baking class stopped by to inquire when we would resume with lessons, so I think I’ll have to plan something very soon.

I’ll leave you with a picture of this…


What happens to vehicles when they are driven in Sierra Leone.

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