A Reunion With Koidu Town.

It is Monday, and that means I have to go shopping in Koidu for the weekly camp food supplies.  It is never a quick task and always manages to take hours longer than it should.  The view alongside the road leading into Koidu is deceptively tranquil.


Deceptive because it lands you in the heart of chaotic Koidu.

After multiple stops and drop-offs, I arrive at the “supermarket,” Unique Supermarket to be precise.  Unique it is. This supermarket is a small room filled with shelves of canned goods and  packaged items that travel well. Then it is off to the local market to collect Mohammed as he finishes purchasing produce.


I’m relaying the short version of the days events in Koidu because if I actually listed all of the places we stopped and how many times we back-tracked, it would be a long and boring story.


We eventually left the market and waved good-bye to Koidu.  As per usual in rainy season, the clouds burst open and rain began to pour down, but that didn’t stop some of the local children from having some fun.


3 thoughts on “A Reunion With Koidu Town.

    • Hey Sue!
      I’m very happy to report that Apple has shown real improvement the last two days! She is even up, looking around for food. I don’t have a list of things Unique doesn’t have but it’s a good idea to start listing stuff for next time we’re away :)

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