We’re back in the thick of it, the bush I mean.  It has been two days of travel, on three continents, with planes, time changes, and bumpy roads all included.  Thankfully, Alastair and I are safe and sound without any problems to speak of from our journeys.  Everyone in camp was all smiles upon our arrival.  It has been great to see friendly faces again and to get settled back into camp life.

I was most eager to see Apple, my little piglet, and check how much she’d grown.  I had been informed that another pig was added to the pen, shortly after we had left a month ago.  I wasn’t wholly prepared to see the state that my little pig was in, though.  If I had been expecting to see a plump and larger version of herself, Apple instead looked like a frail skeleton of what she once was.  The other pig, was a very large, mature male.  I attempted to glean the information from whomever could tell me about what transpired.  The larger male was added to Apple’s pen and was aggressive with her the entire time.  Some of the workers even used the phrase “he tried to kill Apple.”  Apparently, it was left for her to endure until recently when a partition was put between them.  Some say that the other pig gave her a disease, some say she’s just not eating because she’s frightened, and others even say that she was upset when we left.  Nonetheless, she is now very weak and thin.

I’m hopeful that Apple’s strength will return soon.  The other pig was removed and slaughtered for meat.  Of course, that didn’t sit well with me, but he was a slaughtering pig and it would’ve been his fate eventually.  With her harasser gone, Alastair and I are attempting to coax our piglet to eat by bringing her favorite foods and slowly pulling her back to health.  I suppose it was selfish of me to want a pet when it would have to be left behind for long periods of time during our breaks in the US and UK, but I still think she is a wonderful pet and she’s still mine to care for.

On the brighter side, Oatsy, the goat, is doing well, happily munching away at all of the greenery and bleating to his heart’s content.

Despite the state of Apple, and a few other inconveniences such as ants on the tables, flies in my food, and bed bugs in my mattress (that’s right, I said bed bugs) I’m adjusting back into camp life easily enough :)


4 thoughts on “Boston->London->Freetown->Bush

    • Hi Sue! Yes, it has been difficult watching Apple suffer but we’re still attempting to get her to health. We’ve been giving her milk lately, thanks Grandpa. I will certainly give an update if anything changes :)

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