How You Like Them Apples?

Even though it is not technically Fall, I couldn’t leave New England without a trip to the apple orchard, especially considering I’ll miss all of autumn this year.  I was uncertain if there would even be any apples to pick, this early in the season.  However, not only were there apples galore, there were our farm animal friends, apple cider donuts, and a hay-ride.

Me, my brother Harry, my sister Susannah, Susannah's boyfriend Ben, and Alastair.

My Mom and Alastair.

Our farm friends were happy to see us!

We took a ride on a hay-filled tractor bed to see those lovely apple trees.

Of course, we are a rule-abiding group so we made sure to study the signs.

Apple picking is dangerous business, but I managed to resist throwing apples at people passing by.

Oh the places we will go…

I’d like to add, apples are my favorite fruit.

And I don’t recall “No Eating the Apples” on the rules sign.

Like I said, we’re a rule-abiding group.

We may have eaten a few more apples than we were supposed to, but we made up for it by buying out the place in apple cider donuts.  Delicious!


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