Fairway To Heaven.

Golfing is certainly not an easy sport, and I am painfully aware of my own handicap when it comes to playing.  Alastair, however, believed he would easily master the game without ever playing it before.  Enter Lakeview Golf Course, and the Kristina vs. Alastair Golfing Championship Match.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather and we lucked out with a quiet morning on the course.  I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to actually witness us playing.

I like golf.  I don’t play much golf.  I’m not that good at golf.

I had some good shots and I had some terrible shots.  I had a little conversation with my ball before each shot, asking it to go straight.

It didn’t always listen though.  Alastair started off a bit shaky but was getting more confident with each hole.

His driving was great but his short game suffered a bit.

After 9 holes with spirited competitive attitudes, we added up the score card at the end of the course…

…only to realize that we TIED, and with a dismal score at that!  I suppose a re-match is in order :)

Either way we had to pat ourselves on the back for actually completing the course and relaxed with a bit of this…

Lunchtime it was, and my mom couldn’t let Alastair leave New England without tasting one of the local delights, a lobster roll.  She picked two up from a local fish shop as a treat.

But, since this vegetarian girl doesn’t eat lobster, I went looking in the garden for some more of those delicious tomoatoes!

Only a few more days in lovely New England before making the long journey back to the bush of Sierra Leone.

Thankfully, yesterday, I was able to catch up with my favorite bunch of misfits!  We played frisbee and ladder-golf at Lynch Park before hitting up our old stomping ground for a drink.  I’m pretty sure the ladder-golf helped my form today :)

Sheila, Jason (the little peanut), Danielle (the peanut), and Seth (Special K)


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