New England Summer.

What have Alastair and I been doing in Massachusetts? Well, besides spending quality time with family and friends, Alastair has been hard at work cleaning the pool.


But the water looked so nice and the rubber duckie looked lonely…


…so we joined him.


We’ve also been enjoying a bountiful harvest from the garden that Lana and Derek planted earlier this year.


Sooooo many delicious vegetables.


When Alastair feels like the pool is close enough to perfect, we’ve been going to the beach.



But Al inspects the cleanliness there as well.


Swimming in the ocean around New England is much different than the warm waters on the coast of Sierra Leone. Even in the hot sun at Good Harbor Beach, we couldn’t stay in for very long.
So, once our lips turn blue, we bury people in sand.


The day’s victim, my nephew Max.


We thought a tribute to Sheldon, the tortoise, was in order.


Riding bikes, beaches, pools, food, friends and family has been the menu so far, and now we wait for the impending Hurricane Irene to come our way. We will not be defeated though, summer will prevail!


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