There’s No Place Like Home.

It has been quite a whirlwind tour in the past couple of weeks.  Leaving camp and flying to the UK was enough of a journey for a lifetime, but after a few days in UK, Gibraltar, Spain, back to Gibraltar, back to UK and then finally home to Boston, I actually think I’m getting used to the traveling…or I’m just pushing to the front of lines more often instead of waiting patiently for my turn.  Nonetheless, Alastair and I are safe on the North Shore and ready for some more fun.


2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home.

  1. So true!! Your elbows definitely get sharper after a little traveling. ESPECIALLY after traveling in Africa where there is NO concept of a line. Jane and I got cut one too many times, until one day we just started throwing some elbows and Jane actually stiffarmed a couple of people to make sure we kept our place in line at a Tanzania train station. True story;). Glad to hear you are both safe and sound! Go to Atomic Cafe and Little Italy for me PLEASE. I miss Bev-town SO much.

    • Hey Court! I can imagine your stiff-arm would be one not to mess with! I’m becoming a beast at pushing to the front though, Alastair is embarrassed to be with me :) I’ll put up a picture of Atomic as soon as this hurricane nonsense passes.

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